Who Specializes in Car Harnesses?

There are a few that rise above the rest when it comes to building custom car wiring harnesses and here is why they project an air of authority in this corner of the automotive world. Yazaki Corporation, Sumitomo Electric and Delphi are the major market share holders in this line. With Yazaki, a world leader with roots going back to 1929 that supplies reliable harnessing solutions apportioned for about 30% of the global market. Aside from Bosch, Sumitomo Electric ranked behind as it set the benchmark of high-efficiency manufacturing proving to decrease costs while drastically shortening delivery times(identity).

High-end, top of the line custom car wiring harnesses are crucial for ensuring that a vehicle's electrical system performs up to expectation. There are harnesses designed to provide safe and reliable links among multiple electronic systems like connecting the stereo system, headlights, brain sensors of engine together. Recent automotive technologies require more complex, lighter and robust wiring harnesses. This has encouraged manufacturers to deploy technologies such as robotics and automation for upping production rates by 40% without any margins of errors.

In other words, the 2018 recall of over one million vehicles because some faulty wiring harnesses offers a big example from this industry for proving innovative harness solutions are important. The failure exemplified the importance of both harness quality and overall vehicle safety and reliability. As a result, businesses are ramping up their quality assurance checks with testing processes that can adequately verify the safety of every harness before it is deployed.

One of my favorite quotes is from Henry Ford - "Quality means doing it right when no one else is looking" This culture is clearly reflected in the automotive harness industry which values accuracy and dependability very highly. Building custom car wiring harnesses is not only about making sure they are safe, but also that they work for the specific requirements of our clients; some people may be driving high-performance sports cars around a track and others taking their family grocery-getter on long road trips.

The companies that make car harnesses are central to the future of the auto industry. In addition to supplying basic elements, they are responsible for providing innovative services related to the safety and efficiency of vehicles. Custom car wiring harness knowledge is available for those who need solutions specific to the vehicle and enables each automobile to perform at its very best both in safety as well as efficiency.

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