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Spy and Surveillance

In the past, surveillance equipment was only used by the government and private investigators. But now more and more people are finding a need for this specialized but easy to use equipment.  Millions of people are using nanny cams to check on their babysitters, surveillance cameras to keep an eye on their homes and businesses and hidden cameras to catch theft, abuse and infidelity. No other method can give you the undeniable proof or evidence that a surveillance camera can.

We take real pride in the fact that we help protect property and lives.  We help provide peace of mind and real security by helping people make their lives, homes and businesses safer.  Most people are "under-protected" and admit that "they ought to…" as soon as these products are put in front of them. A lot of our products are "Impulse Items", purchased as soon as shown and explained. Like the Wrist Watch or Ball Point Pen Hidden Cameras and built in Digital Video Recorders. You can view the video on your TV or Computer.

The current economy is not helping people feel more secure. Safety is on peoples’ minds. Well, is there a day that crime isn't in the news?  Child abductions, nanny and babysitter abuse, theft, assaults, car-jackings, break-ins and home invasions. As soon as you bring up the subject of personal and home security, you tap into real concerns. We want to help you find the surveillance system that is right for you. But before you get started, there are 3 important benefits, besides the fact our hidden cameras are hand crafted, that set our cameras apart from others...

2.4 GHz Transmitters: We use only high powered 2.4 GHz transmitters that can send video signals up to three times further than other transmitters.

Battery Packs: You have to supply power to wireless surveillance and hidden cameras. This is usually done with a battery pack. Most battery packs can only supply power for up to 5 hours. Then you have to throw that pack away and get a new one. But our 12 volt battery pack lasts up to a whopping 12 hours...and it's rechargeable!

Lens Technology: CCD (Charged Coupled Device) is the lens we use in our cameras. There are cheaper lenses on the market, but none of them produce the high quality images that CCD lenses do. CCD lenses are high resolution and highly sensitive to light, allowing them to record in outdoor and low-light conditions.

Now a word of warning...

There are many cameras out there that use 1.2 GHz transmitters and receivers. We have been asked why we don't. The reason is 1.2 GHz frequency is not approved by the FCC for transmitting wireless video. The FCC is aware of the situation and is conducting an ongoing investigation into the production and distribution of 1.2 GHz surveillance products. All of our hidden cameras are FCC approved 2.4 GHz.

We've included some frequently asked questions on this website. If there is anything else you don't understand, please contact us.

We have a huge selection of complete surveillance systems to choose from. But, if you ever need something we don't stock or have a special request, just ask. We will do our best to get you what you need.