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California’s search for greener semi trucks

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April 19, 2016
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California’s search for greener semi trucks

Semi Trucks

The quest for a cleaner semi truck has been a long one, and there’s no real end in sight. TheEPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership (SmartTruck) has been working for years to increase the fuel efficiency of the ubiquitous good haulers. California is, as usual, about to step in front with a new method of greening up the fleet.

Signed into law last July, the California Sustainable Freight Action Plan (CSFAP) is meant to, “improve freight efficiency, transition to zero-emission technologies, and increase competitiveness of California’s freight system.” This has prompted praise and criticism, as you might suspect. The CEO of the California Trucking Association told Fleet Owner that, “We applaud the Governor’s focus on economic competitiveness and look forward to partnering with the state to ensure that California’s freight system is both sustainable and competitive.” But the director of governmental affairs for the Western States Trucking Association, Joe Rajkovacz, is less enthused. The CSFAP is, “bureaucratic hubris” because, “Virtually all participants in this process are ‘green groups’ whose intent is transforming society into their own utopian version of how we should all live our lives.” If you head over to Fleet Owner and read more of his quotes, you’ll also wonder if perhaps Rajkovacz’s needs a title change to, “director of non-governmental affairs.”

So, what sorts of things should we look for when it comes to actually creating a zero-emission truck? Loop Energy just announced that it is working on a fuel cell heavy-duty truck (see announcement below) and ifrumors of a hydrogen-fuel-cell semi truck that we’ve heard rumblings of are true, then perhaps California will get what it’s looking for before too long.

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